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10 Hijabi Fashionistas To Follow on TikTok

As the fashion industry continues to make its attempts in becoming more inclusive and representative of minority groups, one group is still rarely being left out from the conversation.

In most major fashion magazines and shows globally, it’s uncommon to see hijabi women depicted properly or at all.

This is for a number of reasons, one of the biggest ones being the lack of opportunity for hijab-wearing women to present themselves in the way they feel is correct.

Recently, supermodel Halima Aden has quit modeling because she felt it wasn't correctly displaying her nor her religion. Although most of Aden’s personal decision was religious, when reflecting on her modeling career, she explained that there were times her hijab was misrepresented on photoshoot sets.

The lack of understanding of Islam and hijab-wearing women is the very reason they are often portrayed in a specific way. It’s safe to say every group wants to be heard, and in this case, the Muslim fashion community would like their turn.

There has been talk of the hijab adopting a fashion industry of its own, one where it can exist respectfully and not be “othered.” This so-called industry of its own is in reality just Muslim women finally having control over how they are seen by the public.

On TikTok, it’s easier for fashion creator’s to reach a large following than other, more traditional, ways like major fashion shows or magazines. By using social media, hijab-wearing fashionista’s are able to take control of their image and the way they feel the hijab should be represented. This is how they are creating a fashion industry themselves.

1. Fatima @fitsbyfatima

With “equal parts feminism & fashion” in her bio, the creator behind @fitsbyfatima posts cute OOTD posts and along with relatable TikTok trends/content. Her style is very much a “soft girl” aesthetic.

2. Eilat @eridoll

Both a makeup guru and fashionable queen, @eridoll on TikTok posts incredible makeup looks as well as videos of her amazing outfits. One of her most viral videos was her own version of the Picture Day Challenge, choosing the year 2004, and captioning it, “how I imagined a school of hijabis.”

3. Kishama @kishamameridian

With a style of her own, @kishamameridian is able to pull off both elegant princessy looks and awesome street style fits with the coolest sneaker collection ever.

4. Layali @thelayali

Boujee, extra, and expensive. @thelayali gives off all of these vibes as she posts confident and fun videos to her TikTok. With her brand that just launched on February 25th,, this TikToker gives advice and tutorials on satin hijabs, and more fashionable looks.

5. Frishta @frishtaxx

Much like @eridoll, this TikToker is both a makeup expert and a fashion icon. @frishtaxx mainly posts her incredible makeup looks, but she also participated in the Picture Day trend. Frishta chose the year 1999:

6. Nawalsari @nawalsari

TikToker @nawalsari mixes together vintage looks with high fashion Bella Hadid vibes. Most of her looks are street style-chic, yet she pulls off flowy boho looks at the same time.

7. Raneem @raneem.abduhasan

Raneem’s page is surrounded by good vibes. Her TikTok’s consist of very talented dancing and smiles, and of course, complimented by a fire fit.

8. Faten @hijabibarbz

Another CEO of street style, @hijabibarbz posts her cool photoshoot snaps, and videos of her fits on her TikTok page.

9. Maram @spokensyrian

@spokensyrian’s style is chic, unique, and classy. Her TikTok’s consist of fashion tips, calling out overpriced modest clothing brands, and, of course, her outfit videos.

10. Aya @fashionwithaya: Pinterest Outfits Hijabi Edition

Last is @fashionwithaya. This TikToker has just begun a series called “Pinterest Outfits Hijabi Edition” where she finds Pinterest fits and gives them a modest twist. Aya also gives fashion tips as well as makeup and hijab tutorials on her page.

Give these inspiring fashionable queens a follow if you’re interested in checking out the Muslim woman fashion world as it grows each day.


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