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10 Hijabi Fashionistas To Follow on TikTok

As the fashion industry continues to make its attempts in becoming more inclusive and representative of minority groups, one group is still rarely being left out from the conversation.

In most major fashion magazines and shows globally, it’s uncommon to see hijabi women depicted properly or at all.

This is for a number of reasons, one of the biggest ones being the lack of opportunity for hijab-wearing women to present themselves in the way they feel is correct.

Recently, supermodel Halima Aden has quit modeling because she felt it wasn't correctly displaying her nor her religion. Although most of Aden’s personal decision was religious, when reflecting on her modeling career, she explained that there were times her hijab was misrepresented on photoshoot sets.

The lack of understanding of Islam and hijab-wearing women is the very reason they are often portrayed in a specific way. It’s safe to say every group wants to be heard, and in this case, the Muslim fashion community would like their turn.

There has been talk of the hijab adopting a fashion industry of its own, one where it can exist respectfully and not be “othered.” This so-called industry of its own is in reality just Muslim women finally having control over how they are seen by the public.

On TikTok, it’s easier for fashion creator’s to reach a large following than other, more traditional, ways like major fashion shows or magazines. By using social media, hijab-wearing fashionista’s are able to take control of their image and the way they feel the hijab should be represented. This is how they are creating a fashion industry themselves.

1. Fatima @fitsbyfatima

With “equal parts feminism & fashion” in her bio, the creator behind @fitsbyfatima posts cute OOTD posts and along with relatable TikTok trends/content. Her style is very much a “soft girl” aesthetic.