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MUD runs on the creativity, hard-work, and passion of everyone involved.

During MUD’s Mental Health Week, we're practicing what we preach by giving our team time off to reconnect, reflect, and recharge.

Here's what our team is doing while the magazine is offline: 

  • I will reach out to my therapist to schedule a meeting

  • I’m 100% rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender again, I need a zen only Uncle Iroh can give.

  • I will facetime my friends from high school

  • i will be off my phone and enjoying some time to be by myself

  • remembering to breathe lol

  • Putting time into me

  • I will snuggle up with a good book!

  • I'm making a beautiful charcuterie board.

  • I'm taking myself out on a date and asking the waiter to take a good pic of me.

  • catching up on HW :)

  • Take care of myself. Workout, eat well, and use the time to get ahead of my school work

  • Self care sesh 😁

  • Catching up on school work!!!!

  • I’m using this break to get reinvested in the hobbies that I love like reading, journaling, and exploring new music!

  • I’m going to cook myself a nice dinner

  • catching up on sleep and reducing screen time!

  • I am going to give myself a "me day" maybe shop a little, face mask at night, and start a new show on Netflix.

  • I am going to look for new affirmations for the month to keep myself motivated!

  • I am going to be the main character of my life. Play a good playlist, go to the gym, and let some energy out.

  • I will watch documentaries on the Canary Islands...moving next week!

  • I will meditate and listen to good vibes songs

  • I’ll be focusing on working out and eating healthier!

  • spending time with family

  • I’m going to do some self care because I deserve it.

  • Catching up on my Netflix shows

  • Spring Cleaning!!!

  • I’m getting a full 8 hours of sleep😌

  • I will be playing baseball, drinking tea, and going on walks

  • I’m shopping for cute spring outfits with my friends!

  • catching up on sleep!!

  • I’m gonna go to bed earlier and get more sleep!

  • I’m working out because I need to get my summer bod in check!!

  • I’m getting more sleep!

  • I'm catching up with family and friends I haven't spoken to in a bit over FaceTime

  • What I’ll be doing is daily guided meditations to destress and become a more energized to tackle on my days

  • Recollecting myself and give my brain a reset.

  • I will be meditating and journaling every morning when I can!

  • I’m binging a bunch of Disney movies with my bestie! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Learning about skin care and then spending lots of money at ulta to support my new found research.

  • Social media free for a week

  • Working on my freelance business plan

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